Criminal Cases

All featured cases are listed under the state in which the crime took place and where the prisoners were convicted. However, the imprisoned persons are housed in other states at times. Some convicts are listed multiple times. They are in categories like the U.S. Armed Forces, federal cases, juveniles, foreigners, death row, or released inmates.
In order to get a quick overview of all featured criminal cases on this website, open the database or the interactive map.

Cases by Country/ State


The Innocent In Prison Project International (IIPPI) is a medium, which supports errors of justice awareness.

Miscarriages of justice concern anyone. When innocent individuals are imprisoned, the guilty are at large and may commit more crimes.

IIPPI illustrates cases of possibly false or wrongful convictions. Public documents, audio and video files, (interactive) maps, polls, and comment features enrich this website beyond detailed analysis. IIPPI has been an informative and inspiring source to students, journalists, governmental officials, activists and others since 2004.



The IIPPI Forum provides a wide range of additional information on the phenomenon of wrongful convictions. It shows the key issues, news, and related problems like mass incarceration and the prison industry in the USA.

The book "Louisiana v. Vincent Simmons: Frame-up in Avoyelles Parish" uncovers a classic case of malicious prosecution, which combines all key factors of wrongful convictions.

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