1. TO THE PUBLIC: This is being posted onto my iippi website page in regards to comments made by ex-girlfriend ,Lavada Elizabeth Jackson a/k/a Vasquez’s comments she had freely made and posted onto my iippi website page are nothing but her own personal lies with no kind of evidence to back any of it up. I can truly say at one time, I loved her with all my heart and did not want to lose her. I also can truly say I was not a perfect boyfriend and she was also not a perfect girlfriend. We both had trust and communication issues with each other throughout are past relationship which was not addressed when we were together. If I had used hurtful words or actions in any way toward Lavada, I am truly sorry for any and all harm or pain I may have cause her in the pasted. But, her posting untrue allegations about me on my iippi website page will not and cannot chance any part of either of are past. For her own reason she did not mentioned any of the wrong doing she had done toward me which me which had caused me harm and pain in the past but ,Those issues are water under the bridge. However, some people go through their whole life like Lavada living on a lie. Therefore, most people know but Lavada you should never throw stones at a class house! So, with that said, truly wish Lavada the best in her life.by Tony Cioffi.

  2. my name is Debbie Harsch. I am tony Cioffi sister. Lavada Jackson was living with me at that time. he was not mental or physical abuse. she stayed with me because she had no where else to go. if tony was so mental or physical abuse why did she stay with me for about a year after tony went to prison. tony left his car to Lavada Jackson she had a job come and go as she please. If your going to make a comment please tell the truth.

  3. Well, I was his girlfriend at the time of the trial and I do have to say I know for a fact he is guilty of physical and mental abuse and kidnapping. He knocked me out and broke his finger check medical records I was there too scared to tell and when I tried to escape him he held me hostage in his room of his fathers house and wouldn’t allow me to leave or call anyone. But he didn’t malest his kids or that girl I think they were afraid of him and his vindictive behavior that it was their only way out. The first wife said it to get rid of him and the girlfriend jumped on the band wagon to get free too I know I lived the life with him he wouldn’t let me talk to other men or look at them or he would acuse me of cheating even though he never let me out of his sight. Sometimes I was able to call for help the police it should be documented too. I only got away after he was in prison and he still tried to control me from there by keeping me in the basement at his sisters house and they watched me. When I left I ran as far as I could go I was scared of him even though he couldn’t reach me. So some truth here in his story but lies too yes he didn’t hurt the kids but he did hurt the woman. The wife never asked to come back to him he made that up I remember when he said he needed a reason for why she said things about him instead of admitting he abused her and did hold her against her will he just lied.

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