1. He needs to have a retrial , to much is wrong with this case.

  2. I have been reading this case for along time.I dont know the John guy but I do know Chip and Skip Roberts.From all my readings and knowing Skip this man is wrongfully convicted.skip needs to have his case heard and also who dont get a chance to have the DNA tested the State should demiss this case.This case is by far the most unheard of that the state of Ohio is dening Skip a fair trial to have the DNA tested.John has been relaesed and has been back to Jail serverl times in Florida and in Guernsey County Ohio again.This John Loffette just wont learn,and knowing Chip and John have always blamed others for there wrongs.Chips sister Mia is just the same and they all blamed Skip.The statements dont add up SO Cmon give Clearnece (Skip) Roberts a fair trial to prove himself.He is having his rights denied and DNA Testing.This is 2016 almost 2017 and the testing for DNA is far in advance today than it was at this time.I personally believe Skip is the Honest guy is this case and the others are blaming Skip for the others to walk Free.Cmon Ohio everyone deserves a second chance and Skip has done what tweenty (20) yrs.Most Murder Cases in Ohio are less than that and Skip needs to have a fair trial.Please Ohio give this man a new trial and or release him to go home to be with his family.John Laffotte and Chip Andrews are the ones behind this crime.The State is with-holding Clearence Roberts his rights to a fair trial to prove his DNA Testing.Thank You,P.S. Skip I am going try to help you all I can.I have to fight for your rights and I know your NOT GUILTY…I Read this so many times and it makes no sence,The State of Ohio is Framing Skip Roberts for a Crime he did not committ,Case Closed send this man home NOW….

    1. He needs all the help he can get, for those guys will never tell the truth on what really happened.

  3. I am Clarence’s cousin. I have read his case many times and strongly believe that he is innocent. I am no lawyer but there were things that should have been done for him, such as DNA testing. I have had contact with him for 3 years now writing him several times a day, phones calls every Sunday, video visits every Wednesday. I believe he is innocent and I support him 100%.

    1. Annie,would you please let Skip know Im going to talk to some people I know in the Law field.I know Skip from way back and I know he knows me as well.Please let him know that Dale Kerr is behind him 100%.The other guy John has been in and out of Jail.I was shocked to know John Laffotte has been released and not sure with Chip.I will do my best to help him.Thank you.

      1. I did tell Skip what you said, as for Chip he will never tell the truth, he as been in and out of prison.
        both Chip and John will rot in hell no doubt. I don’t understand how they live with themselves.

      2. I am Skippy sister please contact me text me at 9738865063

  4. This case needs to be reopened, this does not make any sense at all.

    I am a very big supporter if Clarence I believe with all my heart he is innocent. If you read his case you will see for yourself. He needs to be home with his family

  5. This is not justice, This man needs to come home. The trail was unjust. How can no one see that. Let him come home to his family.

  6. This is very obvious and clear this gentleman was falsely accused and robbed of ANY rights he had. No DNA traced to Roberts yet the state didn’t care to trace it to anyone else who may actually be the murderer. Im by far a lawyer but look at the facts ladies and gentlemen. Clarence Skip Roberts I hope that justice is served and you are released to be back with your family.

    1. Yes he was railroaded on this trail there is no doubt about that. If you read his case you will see that it was unfair and not handled the right way. I am no lawyer but even I see that. He needs to come home to his family. Twenty years is a long time to spend in there for something he didn’t do. Justice needs to be served.

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