1. I was on the jury that convicted him in the first trial. His undoing was he stated that he didn’t have any sexual relationship with the victim only to change his tune when his DNA came back to him. Then it was consensual. He took the stand in his defense, big mistake, the DA had a field day with him. The 2 victims had similar encounters most notably, he pulled their shirts over their faces and made them wash after the rape. The one victim was attacked in a park and made to wash her private area in the cutter, it was raining that night, the second victim was told to shower, however the second victim was able to avoid the area enough to preserve evidence. He did try to disguise his voice as being Hispanic and he was called out on the stand by the DA asking him if he ever pretended to use a foreign accent, Mr. Downing took the bait and started talking in a British accent, his court appointed defense attorney buried his head in his hands on the defense table. He is where he belongs and the victim in my case got justice.

  2. He is guilty and is right where he belongs!

    The reason I had trouble identifying the monster is because it’s a little hard to see the perpetrator when your face is covered the entire time with your clothing – pulled up over your face. Thank god for DNA. He got caught got so give it up! I hope he’s getting raped in jail every day. He’s a pathetic human being.


    1. I remember you testifying, I was the foreperson one the jury that convicted him on the other case.

  3. This man is a dangerous rapist. In 1991, he assaulted me in a laundry room while wearing a Jason type hockey mask. I pulled the mask off and was able to identify him. He was incarcerated. I still fear my life and suffer from PTSD from the event. His status should not read “possibly innocent” it should read “life in prison.”

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