1. Whoever was in charge of this deposition was an amateur at best and an idiot at worst!! The sound level is terrible and then they had a phone that kept ringing during the testimony!! Very annoying!! Plus, several other things happened like someone dropped something that distracted the murderer on a couple of occasions and that was ridiculous. It doesn’t matter, we know she was the murderer who killed her lovers wife. I hope they both rot in prison forever!!

  2. you are a pathetic excuse for a human. You destroyed your children’s lives and one Of them is gone forever now. The fact that you even have internet access disgusts me. Rot in prison Danny.

  3. RIP to one of your innocent children you purposely let see their mother brutally murdered. Another casualtie to your greedy pathetic ass.

  4. He is guilty. I’m married to one of his daughters, so I know this case intimately. This whole idea of him “possibly” being innocent is a joke! For every fool that thinks he is innocent (Rubin Carter), I can provide many more that KNOW he’s guilty. My only hope is that he rots and then dies in prison for what he’s done, including the long ranging damage he’s done to his children and the family of his victim, Trish.

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