1. I guess for Willoughby it’s for not since he died on November 20th 2018. One thing is for sure and Willoughby was not innocent. He got what he deserved. May he rest in hell.

  2. Is this site a joke?
    Like the letter on her coffin after the fact is overlooked evidence and a miscarrisge of justice?
    Good Lord. I hope he’s melting in hell. Same to those who run this site.

  3. Wow, this story isn’t even close to the one told by the evidence! Read the appeals court case!

  4. Dan Willoughby is a malignant narcissist and took the life of an idealistic and giving wife and mother. It’s shocking to read how comfortably he slips away from responsibility for his crime to blame his one-time mistress.

  5. Condolences to your wife and family…whilst you laid out the facts of the case, I have yet to hear you say you are innocent …I truly believe you are guilty directly and indirectly so either way I believe you got the justice you deserve…I am sorry for your children who lost two parent because of the actions of one

  6. Bottom line – but for the fact that he was cheating on his wife with Ysenia – none of this would have happened. You wanna play – you gotta pay.

    1. I read this and I was going to reply to the defendant Dan Willoughby in his defense. Then I kept reading. Counselor Ochoa in fact was NOT ineffective. Ochoa gave his client EXACTLY what he needed. He got his client off death row, didn’t he? As for the testimony of Yesinia: his testimony was supposed to make sure that if the state was going to make him responsible for Trish, Dan would also be responsible. Dan will be eligible for parole after 50 years. Yesinia, he will be out soon. He only got 35 years. Both men got the sentence the law said they should get. The first sentence for Dan was correct. The upper court erred in its ruling granting Dan a second trial. Dan had effective assistance of counsel. His lawyer knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He had a titanic of a case. Grasp at straws was his only defense for Dan.

  7. I highly doubt he was set up by the system, the evidence sure seems like it was a co-conspiracy. All for that nasty beast… Hope a third plus of his life in a cage was worth murder and multiple lives ruined.

  8. Dan is a homosexual, a wife killer.
    He ruined the lives of his children, his wife’s relatives and all her friends. He will have hell to pay!

  9. I have know Dan for a long time, I feel he is a good man and that I believe he is innocent. Dan would give you the shirt off his back anytime anyplace.

    1. Okay – who is this and how much are you being paid to say this stuff….lol

  10. I worked with Dan for a number of years. I found him to be very deceptive in his business practices. I have no doubt that his story in untruthful no matter what he says or claims.

    When I heard of the murder, the thought never crossed my mind that he was innocent.

  11. Mr.Willoughby deserves nothing but the utmost consideration and respect as shown to him by his fellow inmates for his kindness and generosity in helping with their voluminous legal paperwork, which he has been doing for many years, for free. My dad is one of the recipients of Mr. Willoughbys Free legal expertise. We hope that he is granted parole.

  12. Mr. Willoughby deserves the utmost consideration and respect as shown to him by his fellow inmates for his kindness and generosity in helping with their extensive legal paperwork for Free for many years. My father is one of the recipients of Mr. Willoughbys expertise and we are very greatful for all of his support . Please show mercy and grant parole to this kind and caring man.

  13. I knew Dan for a number of years before this all happened. I played softball and basketball with him and was in his home every month. He loved his children. He was a nice and friendly person and I can’t imagine that he could have killed his wife. Yes he made a huge mistake getting together with Yesenia and that was a terrible thing to do to his wonderful wife, who I also knew very well. However, I think Yesenia is the only one that could have brutally murdered Trish like that. If Dan had done it he would have had blood on his clothes as he went to the museum with his kids.

    1. I just saw the ID program on this and hear the oldest? daughter say Danny went back into the condo for a few minutes? just b4 they left for their little tour and when he came out he had changed clothes

      1. I’m married to his oldest daughter. It’s very depressing reading these comments, as they have no idea what they’re talking about. He was guilty, plain and simple. He’s no longer alive, so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore! He just died, thank goodness.

        1. That’s the unvarnished truth. I’m glad Trish’s eldest child has found a good man to love and protect her.

          Thus far, I’ve been unable to find Dan’s death noted on the internet, but perhaps the prison system takes its time in putting up such notices.

          Let’s see how well Dan can manipulate God.

          1. Go to the AZ DOC He expired in 2018

  14. I have Danny Willoughby for about 65 years. I met him in high school and then we were at Sacramento State College at the same time. Danny was no choir boy because he had a great imagination and was very spirited. A good example was on the last day of high school he put a fish in his locker and it took a few days to find the smell. I can’t see this leading to being involved in a murder. In the terrible murder it appears that Danny was guilty of one thing- he had been stupid by having an affair with a woman that was really unbalanced. Having any affair is stupid but this turned out to be deadly. Sad to say that affairs happen all too often in our society and many times the consequences are devastating. There are only two people who KNOW who committed this crime-Yesenia and Danny. She has said that she ( along with her brother ) did it but then she has recanted her story. Danny has consistently said he had part or knowledge of Trish’s death. I am so sorry for Trish’s death and the resulting emotional roller coaster that it has caused the children. It is my opinion that Danny should be released from prison. I am also sorry that this letter is going to cause Trish’s family to relive this experience.

    1. You had said that there are only 2 people who know who committed the crime – you forgot about GOD….He saw everything and He knows the truth. No hiding from Him.

  15. I came across this case yesterday.
    In his letter to the public Dan has not one single word for his murdered wife. It’s just ‘blablabla-I’ mit innocent-Please help me-blablabla.
    He claimes he is innocent. Dan put his beautiful wife through hell of humiliation, moving his mistress just down the street and having an affair with her for years, constantly lying to his wife…making a fool of her and their children.
    What a backboneless pig!
    No matter how you turn it – he is responsible for his wifes murder…
    For heavens sake – if you had cared for your wife in just the slightest manner, you wouldn’t have had her suffering like that! What a way to kill someone – disgusting!
    And having your children find their dying mother with a butter knife sticking in her head?? For this cruelty you deserve 10 aditional years!
    Why were you allowed to attend your victims funeral? How sick!
    Dan, NOone with a propper brain will ever believe that you are innocent.
    Your are guilty, you are extremly dumm and you have no heart. You will die in prison. I promise you this!
    And for what?? Your mistress…my goodness, she’s dumm as a brick, annoyngly-boring as she speaks and not pretty to look at… How low can you go as a man??
    Well Dan, you cook the soup – you eat the soup!
    And man! – you are some lousy cook!

    My heart hurts for Trish’s family!
    I wish them well and peace in their hearts.
    Blessed be.

    Greetings from Germany

  16. I’m so sorry for what your wife and family have had to endure because of Dan. As Trish’s cousin I injure she was a hard working honest woman who never deserved the disgusting man she married and the total destruction he brought on the whole family. I hope for your healing.

  17. Dan murdered my cousin. I was at het funeral where he showed NO EMOTION!! LOVE LETTER!?! A pure disgusting ploy. He never shed a tear while they closed her casket and her beloved mother wailed over her mutilated body.
    Dan was incompetent. Couldn’t make legitimate money and Trish was so successful and his small ego couldn’t handle it. He lied and cheated on her, and when she found out and confronted him he was a total coward!!
    He wanted her money and thought he deserved it at any cost. It serves him right that he didn’t even know his mistress was a MAN!
    Don’t be fooled!! I’ve lived it and his stories are just that. More lies.
    He let his children find their mother with a table knife in her head dying!! He destroyed his family and his children out of greed and selfishness. He deserves to rot in jail and I look forward to seeing him go to the special place in hell that is being prepared just for him.

  18. Whoever was in charge of this deposition was an amateur at best and an idiot at worst!! The sound level is terrible and then they had a phone that kept ringing during the testimony!! Very annoying!! Plus, several other things happened like someone dropped something that distracted the murderer on a couple of occasions and that was ridiculous. It doesn’t matter, we know she was the murderer who killed her lovers wife. I hope they both rot in prison forever!!

    1. Author

      Martin, please go back to the video (00:01:20 – 00:01:31) and you will hear, who was present at the time of the recording. You might be surprised. I am sorry for the poor quality, but this video is all we have gotten.

      1. So the transgender was nearby, in hiding, as Dan and the kids leave. I don’t doubt his/her presence, participation and details. They likely both did it. The locked door, changed clothing, untucked shirt, and poor Marsha being talked out of staying? I’m convinced beyond a reasonable doubt; and that’s the problem with all these cases (OJ foremost of all): i wasn’t there. So i don’t “know”. Maybe there’s doubt … but it is not “reasonable doubt”.

  19. you are a pathetic excuse for a human. You destroyed your children’s lives and one Of them is gone forever now. The fact that you even have internet access disgusts me. Rot in prison Danny.

  20. RIP to one of your innocent children you purposely let see their mother brutally murdered. Another casualtie to your greedy pathetic ass.

  21. He is guilty. I’m married to one of his daughters, so I know this case intimately. This whole idea of him “possibly” being innocent is a joke! For every fool that thinks he is innocent (Rubin Carter), I can provide many more that KNOW he’s guilty. My only hope is that he rots and then dies in prison for what he’s done, including the long ranging damage he’s done to his children and the family of his victim, Trish.

    1. I’m so sorry for what your wife and family have had to endure because of Dan. As Trish’s cousin I injure she was a hard working honest woman who never deserved the disgusting man she married and the total destruction he brought on the whole family. I hope for your healing.

    2. Thank you for your comment. It helps to clear things up for me. I never believed he was innocent – and let’s face it – but for his affair – none of this would have happened. My condolences to your wife.

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