1. The Vivian police dept. made a terrible mistake and should be held accountable for doing so, I also fought the DA and others for their part in this pursuing this type of conviction, where is the evidence? There isn’t any, so how could this be, even the Judge tried to overturn it but was ineffective in doing so,., so I say, where is the justice, there must be a re-trial

  2. Do not let someone rot in jail for something they may not have done. The alleged victim was 70 years old at the alleged time of crime committed. How can you not see that this was all rigged up. No eye witness, mistake in identity, words put in mouth, you name it it’s there. Again, she was 70 years old, I think the person who done this needs hanging but they got the wrong man in jail for it. DNA will probably prove that.

  3. This man was given a life sentence without the possibility of probation or parole? I don’t get it. It appears that the alleged victim was force to say things she wasn’t sure about. The victim got a lot of help from police, The justice system is messed up if you just go by hearsay. I read also that she apparently what,.. was 70 years old? Give me a break. They must have it in for this young man who has spent nearly all his life in jail for,. Maybe a crime he did not commit?

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