1. I have known Desiree for a little over 40 years. I know her character, and her love of others. She was the first person to hold my firstborn daughter. She has sacrificed, and served others as long as I have known her, even during the time she was wrongfully incarcerated.
    I was in the courtroom for the entire trial, and was quite aware of the Evidence to be presented in her defense. NONE of it was presented! Her counsel did nothing to present her side of the case, but laughed at the prosecution, as he said, “They have not proven anything!” Then rested, her case. No attempt at defending her. The naritive in this is about as close to “As it was.” as it can be. This innocent Lady, and Amazing RN has been punished all this time for something She did not do! I was a Texas Peace Officer at the time of the case. It totally changed my view of the justice system. It was not my first homicide to be observing, but my first witness to miscarriage of Justice.

    1. Did Desiree ever get out of prison?
      She was my very good friend
      While I was in prison
      My heart goes out to her
      I thought a lot of her
      She was a great person.
      Please let me know
      My name is Jackie gerhart
      Thank you very much

  2. The wrongful conviction of Desiree Shaw is being investigated by the Innnocence. Project of Texas since 2010. The aging Shaw prays that she will finally recieve review of her actual inno ence evidence and opportunity to be heard that was unconstitutionally denied at trial.

    1. Is Desiree still in jail.
      She was my friend , I think of her often
      Thanks Jackie

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