1. I don’t know who wrote this, but this information is GROSSLY inaccurate. I own the book about this case, titled “Suffer The Little Children,” & I’ve read it two or three times. Juanita did kill Judy, but only because Jesse instructed her to, and she had every reason to believe he’d severely harm or even kill her son if she didn’t. Sherry wasn’t even in the house when it happened, though she did help move the body, and so did Jesse. Jesse killed Melissa all by himself, after raping her twice. He got what he deserved. He was a Pedophile, a woman beater, a rapist and a murderer. I think the mental, emotional and sexual abuse Sherry and Juanita suffered for several years at Jesse’s hands should have been taken into account, and I think Juanita should have gotten less time.

  2. This site is lying about everything. Jesse molested the 11 year old and then killed her. Why any group would advocate his innocence is beyond reprehensible. You are beyond low.

  3. Jesse is the one who killed Melissa she was only 11 years old, and Yes Juanita killed Judy, she claimed that Jesse threatened to kill her son Robbie if she did not follow his orders. Yes I know this case and Yes these people are my family although I not really proud of that!! He got what he deserved and so did Juanita even though I still love her, she’s my cousin, she had other options other than what she did and she has destroyed the lives of both her children because of this. It’s just a sad story all the way around, but do NOT let anyone fool you Jesse was a vile and evil Man, he got what he deserved

    1. What do you believe her other options were? Have you ever been savagely beaten on a regular basis? Do you have any idea what that does to a woman?? What it does to her mind? Battered Woman’s Syndrome is a very real thing. Right or wrong, she did what she felt she had to do, in order for her son to not have to suffer at the hands of Jesse. Jesse would have absolutely made him suffer if she didn’t do what he instructed her to do.

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