1. Esther soto Noel Matos Montalvo is innocent police detective use me force me kick me at my business hassament and send me to the hospital with brasses all my face and body I touch my private part by them

    1. I am the first witness and no one now what happen they dose detective when to my store and almost been rape I been touch and drag all over my store been kick and abuse noel matos is innocent and l want to be there to take this port man out of death roll and out of prison they show put this detective and police who do this to me and use me to say wrong and to be lied well do all my power to take this innocent maN OUT of prison

  2. I am the first witness and he is innocent detective use me to lie and force me when to my business to abuse me touch me and drag me in my business and telling me that l well go to jail all my life if l don’t say that they want me to say I haVE PSTD why because them I have panic attack because the abuse they brush all my body and my face and top of that they put me in jail I been hiring my self for over 18 years now l have problem with my wrist hand because of the tight hand off I been abuse and this poor innocent man is there because of me because of dose detective

  3. I believe that Noel Matos Montalvo, is completely innocent of these crimes.

  4. Noel es inocente. Pienso que fue juzgado injustamente. Debería dejarlo en libertad.

  5. Noel Matos Montalvo is innocent…no DNA that within itself tells us all.

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