1. Hello my name is Patricia Lancasterii I have no clue who this is going to but I can speak for the character of Ronnie Lee.. Ronnie was always a good child never bothered anyone attending school regularly and never got any trouble that I saw .,He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time I’m no one important and I can’t promise but I believe I can get a letter to the president Donald Trump and who knows? Only God

    1. I know for a fact that Gene Jones from East bernstadt killed someone in Lily .the man was from oh the ksp talked to him on several occasions but the way he went about doing it was so crazy he must have put a lot of thought into it I was dating him at the time and I seen it all transpires he told me that I would join his friend if I talk to anyone about this later he told me that he just was messing with my head, but I know what I seen it forever change my life ,I am can’t not say anything more about this ! Just know this he is not a nice guy as he makes his self out to be….

      1. you post a comment to this article about Ronnie with information about a murder you say you witnessed your ex committing and you state he threatened you and you finish your comment with the statement that your ex is not the nice guy he claims to be…but yet you sign your comment. “I still love you Gene jones” . My first question is what in the hell does this have to do with ronnie bowlings case and my second question is why in the hell are you bringing this information about your ex put here and not calling the police about it? My third question is if this man is not such a great guy and a murderer as you say then how in the hell are.ypu saying you love him?

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