1. As Im reading through the artical Im realizing even more that Terry Morris is innocent! This case has alwaysed bothered me from a little girl. Juice mother was shot 24 times! Theres no way one person went in there and did all that. The million dollar question is…
    who was the fucking judge! My 13 year old son is a expert on guns and he was saying… Momma theres no way one person did that! Its common sense! I cant believe they comvicted that young man based on here say! No evidence what so ever! This is unbelievable! Smh

  2. There’s no way one person went in that house and kill six people by himself! At least one person would have gotten away if it was only one person who did the killing. Every last one of the victims was shot more than one time. I was ten years old at that time and I had enough sense to know it had to be more that one person!! I felt in my heart then that Terry didnt commit that crime and I still stand on that. Thats a innocent man they got locked up and it’s about time that they release him! God knows the truth and whoever was involved in rail roading this young man , shame on you! I l wouldnt be suprise if your life has been a mess because when you do bad deeds nothing good come to you. You reap what you sow and one day you will have to answer to God and God is going to ask you….
    Why did you destroy that young mans life?and you better have a good reason which I dont think you will!

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