1. Does anyone know where the victims are buried ? And is there any tv news coverage of this case?…. cause I can’t find any. And didn’t one of juices brothers get killed after this incident? What was his real name? I know people called him fleetwood, but what was his real name? Can’t find anything on that murder either.

    1. My family moved into that house 3 weeks after the murders ! I was 5 years old !

  2. I lived in flint at the time and the news did a interview with neighbors and they heard police Radios going of in the house at the sametime as the shootings .the witness said she could here the police radio and she could here them saying madmax get out of there ,repeatedly saying madmax get out of there .back in those days there was an officer named Charles helmes everyone called him madmax because he resembled the ACTOR Mel Gibson i believe to this day it was him and other officer’s..now this was on the news. When i heard her say the name mad max i knew it was charles and his buddies .just my opinion on the evedince presented

  3. What I don’t understand is why was the mother shot so many times and why was the shotgun in the man’s name who own the house who was the mother lover or boyfriend things just doesn’t add up to me like why and then the way that she killed could she have been the motive cuz if you think about it and Juice was the motive he would have been done wrong instead of one two or three shots like a lot of the other victims why did the mother and other girl Teresa have so many shots to the body like why did the landlord who own the house the shot gun what’s his name and why they want the house with the bodies removing evidence including the shotgun that was in his name which he admitted to doing so that’s just crazy now how did they convic one man who gave a full statement but they did not once questioning the landlord really I heard the stories so much of my life that I wanted to go visit the house one time things like that doesn’t bother me but wow it’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle missing and it seems like they no longer care wow how and why would they even think that juice was the motive for Terry to kill him if the mother was done like that like come on if you see stories on Detroit back in the 80s with the ybi best friends and other gang’s they was Reckless and I’m pretty sure juice had it in him to too so with that being said they was coming at correct u fill me in this case the female got it worst than the man so how an why would a friend of juice take out so much anger on them instead of him and to be honest who knows I just don’t by the sweatshirt story cuz like one minute the other guy didn’t want juice to know he had the sweatshirt but then tells the other guy or same guy who had one on that they can put it back on let’s go skating now no it may be true but remember we’ll talk about two sweatshirts one was juice and the other was for his mom that was incarcerated at the time like wow this deep but from what I get out of it the landlord could be a prime suspect or the Killer and that’s how you should have been treated at they dirty that just f… Up but enough of my point of view but do I think Terry is innocent it’s hard to say because he knew Too Much about the day of or the night before so to be honest he placed his self at the scene he Knew Too Much think about it some just don’t add up might sound crazy but who knows what type of relationship Terry and the landlord had let’s not forget he was juice friend and the landlord was the mother lover boyfriend so do they know each other or that’s just coincidence only God knows and I’mma leave it at that

    1. I agree I was thinking the same thing was it the landlord/Lover

  4. As Im reading through the artical Im realizing even more that Terry Morris is innocent! This case has alwaysed bothered me from a little girl. Juice mother was shot 24 times! Theres no way one person went in there and did all that. The million dollar question is…
    who was the fucking judge! My 13 year old son is a expert on guns and he was saying… Momma theres no way one person did that! Its common sense! I cant believe they comvicted that young man based on here say! No evidence what so ever! This is unbelievable! Smh

    1. Yeah, the cops were involved in this sounds like the landlord/boyfriend

  5. There’s no way one person went in that house and kill six people by himself! At least one person would have gotten away if it was only one person who did the killing. Every last one of the victims was shot more than one time. I was ten years old at that time and I had enough sense to know it had to be more that one person!! I felt in my heart then that Terry didnt commit that crime and I still stand on that. Thats a innocent man they got locked up and it’s about time that they release him! God knows the truth and whoever was involved in rail roading this young man , shame on you! I l wouldnt be suprise if your life has been a mess because when you do bad deeds nothing good come to you. You reap what you sow and one day you will have to answer to God and God is going to ask you….
    Why did you destroy that young mans life?and you better have a good reason which I dont think you will!

    1. I don’t think one person did all that killing it had to be more then one person if it was one person I still say it was the landlord/lover I mean they over killed juice mother did something happened with them two and he got upset and just killed the others because they had seen him And left him no choice because for them to do her that way it was very personal the issue wasn’t with juice it was with the mother but don’t be offended this is only my opinion but I think that they should have did a way better investigation because how I see it Morris was just another young terrible teenager in their eyes and it was Easier to put the case on him with his history i don’t know if Morris did or didn’t but I think he deserves a fair investigation this was not right at all then it said after the murder he went to church and idk I’m guessing the guy who was the pastor or what not said Morris in his girlfriend was downstairs talking and looked worried my thing is it could have been anything that was worrying him he just lost someone he knew and frm the Statement them two was pretty cool and for who the man was,to be a person of the lord you turned your back on him talking about you don’t agree when you didn’t even know the story he could have stood up in church and had tears in his eyes but not because he did but because at that moment who wouldn’t this was your friend or whatever they called each othe frm the statement Morris gave they had just been together so who wouldn’t have tears in they eyes he probably was Just realizing how real life was we don’t know but I also think they let his nickname defend him and who they made him out to be I hope if he is innocent that he never give up and keep fighting

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