1. Officer Scott Carvel is known as a pillar in the community. We Guarded George Bush and Gerald Ford together. He also testified against other officers, who attempted to plant evidence of a hand gun in an earlier case. The officers were dismissed. This county is known for manufacturing evidence.

  2. It Is really sad how people can convict someone’s life and then take their lives how could someone do someone like that? I think that they should be trying to get that man out of there and bring him home because he’s done enough time 33 years is enough for anyone. Just by reading this case this man is innocent and whoever convicted him of that many years in life they’re the ones that need to be locked up
    They need to free that man and free him now he has done enough time for something that he has not done this evidence it speaks for itself it’s letting the people know that this man did not commit this crime they just needed someone to blame something on!

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