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  1. Too much here say going on, inconsistent witness. How can Robert Mason be at two different places. How did Anthony escape without being hit himself in the middle of cross fire as they said it was multiple shooters that were shooting from different angles. So Anthony ran from Bundy heading towards which direction towards Youmans to get to south Washington that’s not possible because he would of gotten shot the house he was at which was Roberts home don’t sit on the corner it’s another house next to it. Them guys framing that man just to get there time reduced from the federal charges they all was facing. Rudy, Brent, And Pratt all went to the federal prison around that time 98-99. Chan and B.J both served lengthy prison time around that I believe this case need to be reopened in looked at correctly Peter Rabbit was framed by snitches who was looking to get their time shorten in they would of turned on anybody just to not do the time

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