1. This case should of been thrown oit u got the lieing snitches that will sit on the stand on anyone back then an set up whoever they have got away with alot of stuff everyone on knew an ain’t care they framed an set up Thomae P Wicker an lied on him to get they time cut he wasn’t they first an the last they set up they was facing drug charges back then why ain’t no one ain’t speak up why they let Thomas P Wicker sit this long in prison they made it out like he was a bad person but that don’t give you a right to lie an frame him for a crime he ain’t commit I hope someone in higher places see this an his case an open this case up he not guilty they used his pass against him that what convinced the jury he was guilty an a prosecutor that painting a bad picture off your pass an some lieing sniitches when I seen this shared on social media I said this should of been done it was like seeing a ghost cause he innocent it an they got him cause of his old troubles they was scared of them cause they all from the same side if town the Southside responsible for alot of crimes back then an known to ass lieing snitches they turn an lie on they on gang member they are dirty alot of people said back then they had a corrupt cop on they team so they got way with alot of in criminating things everyone back then knew talk about how they was dealing with corrupt cops not just one they supplied drugs money an stolen property people that owe them for drugs they pull stuff out of feiines cribs jewelry anything even traffic stops corrupt cops they took money speakers jewelry drugs radios off the people anything that was valued then will let them go they love the the corupt cop who ride his bike through out town back then acting like he was under cover wanting drugs they supplied him with alot he had a gold jewelry pawn some type of store that was sitting on Michigan down from the court house that was so so long ago I can’t remember the name of the store an we’re correctly it sit by on Michigan everyone just new the corrupt cops played a big part back tben an everyone scared of him /slash the corrupt cops crew they was dirty like the one who own the store on Michigan cause he was really dirty Thomas P Wicker is INNOCENT They lied on him they ain’t care if he was innocent an had alibis he was telling the truth let him go atleast open this case it sloppy it should not got to conviction back then they was dirty they already really assinated Thoma p Wicker that Man is INNOCENT an Thomas P Wicker family need to do something get justice for him he doing all that time for nothing cause of his old priors an some Snitches scared to go do all the time they facing help this man some body Thomas P wicker not guilty this is all wrong

  2. Free Thomas Wicker I pray to God some one help him look at the cases on the people back then that framed him just look this brother is innocent they played him free this brother give this brother a retrail honest exonerate he was framed

  3. Free Thomas p wicker they framed this man Saginaw county court need to put on blast this a innocent black man they throw behind bars for no reason justice for Thomas p wicker if you reading this he is truly innocent help this man make some noise get some one attention they wrong they lied on him Thomas p wicker I read your case I pray to God the release you I plead the blood of Jesus of you an this case an God brings you home an you get the justice you need because you was frame from the bottom of my heart I want to say I’m sorry my heart goes out to you for what they did to you I’m so sorry God in the Jesus give this man the justice he needs an deserves an free him

  4. It’s true every one know they were known to be snitches an drug dealers so they frame Thomas peter rabbit wicker to reduce they time to save themselves this a shame before God this case should be open wow they played him they did him dirty I don’t see how the case stuck some body please help Thomas p wicker they lied on him Jesus the court system all wrong even the prosecutor judge an jury they put a crime on a man he didn’t do they was facing lengthy time to get they reduced don’t forget about the corupt police back then free Thomas p wicker they played him wow

  5. They know this case makes no sent this man is innocence this is rigged up they framed him how can they let this happen there no conviction this rigged he innocent the court system feld this an the witness are plain Jane liar’s this story fabricated lord have mercy how an they conviction an the jury this case should of been thrown this sad he deserves freedom story told how is Mason 2 places at the same Time an the other how you claim you knock in the head remember you testified on someone in a Fed case you ain’t no was after you he admitted an you ain’t no Thomas but u know a body Structure at night come on man I can see a color of a car at night they lieingi an they know it remember you ain’t no him the witness lied the judge wrong jury an prosecutor this case was rigged he was framed an set up this is so wrong something needs to be done free this man

  6. Too much here say going on, inconsistent witness. How can Robert Mason be at two different places. How did Anthony escape without being hit himself in the middle of cross fire as they said it was multiple shooters that were shooting from different angles. So Anthony ran from Bundy heading towards which direction towards Youmans to get to south Washington that’s not possible because he would of gotten shot the house he was at which was Roberts home don’t sit on the corner it’s another house next to it. Them guys framing that man just to get there time reduced from the federal charges they all was facing. Rudy, Brent, And Pratt all went to the federal prison around that time 98-99. Chan and B.J both served lengthy prison time around that I believe this case need to be reopened in looked at correctly Peter Rabbit was framed by snitches who was looking to get their time shorten in they would of turned on anybody just to not do the time

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