IIPPI Trailer: A dialogue about the criminal justice system and its key issues that lead to wrongful convictions, innocent prisoners, perpetrators at large, destroyed lives and families, etc. More details and in depth information are available on the website of the Innocent in Prison Project International at

Book Trailer: "Louisiana v. Vincent Simmons: Frame-up in Avoyelles Parish" is a factual report on the background of this criminal case. The story reveals how the political system furthers wrongful convictions and why exculpatory evidence does not always free innocent prisoners.
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Tom Myer, Channel 19/43 News
"Men, Victims of Domestic Violence"
It aired for three days in August 2000
The news is about one of the events preceding Grady Krzywkowski's arrest. His case Ohio v. Grady Krzywkowski is illustrated by the Innocent in Prison Project International at

Produced and edited by Eve Goldberg and Claude Marks in November 2002, based on an interview done in August 2000 by John O'Reilly and Nina Dibner.
(00:19:17) Political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim is talking about the civil rights movement, his case, and the U.S. penal system.
New York v. Jalil A. Muntaqim aka Anthony Jalil Bottom,

This talk show "Judge For Yourself" was aired in 1996 (00:36:29). It is about the case Louisiana v. Kevin Fitzpatrick,

"Leeza" was aired after the talk show "Judge for Yourself" (ca. 1997). (00:21:40) It is about the case Louisiana v. Kevin Fitzpatrick,

Danny Hayden Willoughby is serving two consecutive sentences of 25 years to life for first degree murder and conspiracy to murder (his wife) in prison. He has proclaimed his innocence from the start. In this video deposition, the true murderess, Yesina Patino, who is incarcerated in a Mexican prison, gives a step by step recreation of how she alone committed the homicide, totally unbeknownst to Willoughby. In her words "I could not find peace with God until I told the truth". Go to for documents and more.

Dorian Morris (15 years old at that time) was the victim of a mob that attacked him at a birthday party with more than 100 invited guests on March 24, 2007 in Bernice, Louisiana. One of his attackers died and Dorian was forced to plead guilty to manslaughter after he had been awaiting trial in jail for over 4 1/2 years. Very much went wrong in this case so that even the victim's family requests Dorian's immediate release from prison. More at

The Innocent in Prison Project International illustrates some cases of alleged sexual abuse by the kids' own fathers. Because of the extremely repulsive nature of the crimes, the prisoners are not heard despite strong evidence of their innocence. Anthony Cioffi is one of them. Go to to learn more!
Sandra Lynn Hemme, a 20 y/o mental patient, was arrested in November of 1980 for capital murder in St. Joseph, Missouri. She was held without bond and confessed to a crime, she probably did not commit.
There was no motive and no physical or trace evidence to tie Sandra Hemme to the crime scene in Saint Joseph, Missouri. There were no eyewitnesses who saw Hemme kill Patricia Jeschke. The only evidence the State had against Hemme was her own guilty plea. Go to to learn more!