1. it wasn’t just the handcuffs, the lineup was basically an IQ test. Number 8 is white. 7 and 6 and 5 appear to be far too old. 4 is Vincent. 3…well finally we have someone who looks like the description and like Vincent. 2 and 1 are maybe late 20s, could be in their 30s, difficult to tell due to the quality of the photocopied photo, but are clearly very big guys in comparison to Vincent. You’ve got two people in the lineup who could be the suspect…and then the handcuffs give it away. After that it’s well known crime victims can have their memories changed by being told that this is the guy who did it…Edward Earl Johnson is a classic example. The raped woman KNEW Johnson and gave an entirely different description and rulee him out of the lineup saying, “that’s edward”. But after being told he’d confessed she became convinced he had done it. Nobody can prove Vincent didn’t rape these girls but if he did then the police were basically psychic…there’s no explanation as to how they picked him to be arrested.

  2. Some of the pdf document references don’t seem to work. There are in the wrong format like
    which is a local system address and not an internet address. Very interested in seeing the documents, and thanks for posting the info. I am a wikipedia editor and am updating a wikipedia article on Vincent Simmons.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your very valuable comment. I am fixing the links right away.

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